Thank you for your interest in participating in the INTERNATIONAL MEETING “KNOWLEDGE PRACTICES IN CONTEXTS OF INTERVENTION FOR CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE”, organized by the Tierra de Esperanza Foundation together with Bryn Mawr College, of Philadelphia, USA.

How do I sign up?

To start the registration process you must complete the form and attach a brief letter of intent, and your curriculum vitae, both in PDF format. Each of these files must be correctly identified as follows:



Specifications of the Intention Letter and Curriculum Vitae::

  • The intention letter must have a maximum of 2 pages (Times New Roman, simple space, font size 12, margins of 2 centimeters). In the letter you will describe your basic professional interests: professional function area, years of experience in work / research / teaching / studies with children and adolescents. This will allow us to know why it seems important to participate in the International Meeting for you; In what way may you contribute and what do you hope to achieve with your participation.


  • The curriculum vitae must contain updated information. Highlight those work and training activities that are related to your work in childhood and adolescence, it is important to note in what years you carried out those activities. In the same way, report those research actions, papers and / or publications of studies and articles in which you have participated in the field of childhood and adolescence. Scientific publications of studies or articles is not a requirement..


$600.000 CLP  / USD $1000 (single room)

$520.000 CLP / USD $870     (double room)

2) Attach “Intent_Letter” and “curriculum vitae”:

Upload the 2 PDF files one at a time:



Upload PDF files

3) Payment:

For Payments inside Chile, please use Webpay:

$600.000 /Chilean peso
(single room)

$520.000 /Chilean peso
(double room)

For Payments outside Chile, please use Webpay:

$998,00 USD
(single room)
$865,00 USD
(double room)