Carolina Hausmann-Stabile (USA)

Professor in Bryn Mawr’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (PhD, 2013, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri). Bicultural and bilingual researcher. Hausemann-Stabile’s profession applies sociocultural perspectives to the study of suicidal behaviors in minority youth in the United states, and adolescents in Latin-America.

Mario Valdivia (Chile)

Child psychiatrist and researcher. Professor in the University of Concepción’s School of Mental Health (Concepción, Chile). Head of the Short Stay Unit for Adolescents at the Regional Hospital of Concepción. Valdivia has made many contributions to science, and has participated as an exhibitor in various seminars and national conferences.

Anna Segura Montagut (Spain)

PhD in Psychology. Professor in University of Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (Spain). Her research includes the effects of victimization and poly-victimization on children and adolescents at risk, resilience and protection factors. Member of the Research Group on Child and Adolescent Victimization (GReVIA) of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Pedro Rosário (Portugal)

Associate professor of Psychology of Education in the University of Minho’s Department of Psychology (Braga, Portugal). Principal researcher in a project developing teacher-training using self-regulatory tutorials. Rosário is a member of the science boards of many national and international science journals.