International Meeting: Childhood and adolescence. 


Children and adolescents make up more than 4 million people of Chile’s population. This huge population of minors calls for imperative action to move towards a society that guarantees rights from early childhood.

It is in this scenario that public policy, academia, social organizations and companies like Tierra de Esperanza play a preponderant social role to contribute holistically to the present and future of these generations. Children and adolescent development is affected by social, cultural, physical and psychological contexts, and so these children will, or have already faced, favorable and disruptive experiences that will affect their adulthood.

How do we place children and adolescents at the center of actions to contribute to their development? This INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE, organized by the Tierra de Esperanza Foundation and the Bryn Mawr College, proposes to connect different professionals who intervene daily in the lives of children and adolescents in Chile and Latin America, complementing the practice and research, constituting an instance of critical reflection, propitious for the diffusion of knowledge.

The work modality will be through workshops, from June 18th to 21st, ending on the 22nd of the same month, with an International Seminar where the content of global interest linked to mental health, self-regulation, poly-fiction and suicidal behaviors.will be presented..


The workshop’s main objective is to combine the technical and academic experience of several researchers and professionals with the hands-on experience of people who are directly involved. Activities provided by the International Meeting will be founded on the following thematic axes: mental health, auto-regulation, poli-victimization and suicidal behavior.

Furthermore, the workshop will generate new praxis of technical and scientific collaboration between professionals linked to the well-being of children and adolescents. All the participants will be active agents in the exchange, generation and dissemination of knowledge during the International Meeting.

Address to:

This International Meeting is addressed to professionals of children and adolescent psycho-social intervention, researchers and academics, advanced university students, graduate students, mental health professionals, public policy managers, juvenile justice professionals, educators and others that are interested in juvenile well-being of Chile and Latin America.


The International Meeting will utilize a participatory methodology focused on practices of professional exchange between scientists from international, Chilean and professional universities of diverse fields that involve childhood and adolescence (mental health, education, public health, justice, etc.).

Four international experts will be responsible for presenting and working with a select group of national and international participants. These experts are Dr. Mario Valdivia (University of Concepción, Chile), Dr. Pedro Rosario (University of Minho, Portugal) and Dr. Carolina Hausmann-Stabile (Bryn Mawr College, United States of America).

Workshop participants will develop:

(a) Strategies of technical and scientific collaboration, for Chilean and Latin-American child and adolescent intervention.

(b) Models of interdisciplinary communication that permits the implementation of above strategies.

(c) Competence of interdisciplinary work.